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TD Brewer | Brand Story

Living life to your fullest potential is within reach. The truth is that you already possess everything you need to get you on the path to an abundant, purpose-filled life. Whether you’re looking for a personal or business breakthrough, trying to provide for a young family while following your own ambitious goals or you need step-by-step guidelines on how to find and come into your unique purpose, you’re in the right place to get started!

 As the Guilt-Free Wealth Strategist, TD Brewer champions a bold faith-based message that wealth is about much more than making money. Globally known for his commitment to maximizing human potential, he is an innovative thought leader and change agent who believes that, at its core, wealth is about being able to harness your own powerful ability to take your future into your hands and make tangible changes for successful, balanced living.

 Once you decide to take practical steps towards freeing yourself from the societal guilt that has been attached to prioritizing your own goals, you instantly become the hero in your life and you open the door to the world of opportunities that you so richly deserve to grab hold of.

 As a seasoned mentor and author of several transformative books, including The Art of Mastering the Blessed Life, The Power of Creative Thinking, The Blessing Exposed and Living in the Economy of God, TD Brewer has faced and overcome many obstacles in his own journey. After growing up in a toxic neighborhood where drive-by shootings, drug dealing and gang violence was the norm, he is no stranger to adversity. Miraculously, he managed to lift himself out of this situation by relying on the strength of The Word of Jesus who reassures us that “with God all things are possible”.

 By faith and sheer tenacity, TD Brewer has lead a noteworthy career in IT as a self-taught professional with a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Certificate of Project Management. Today, he attends the Texas A & M University School of Law pursing a Masters of Jurisprudence in Wealth Management in pursuit of his goal to help others lift themselves out of difficult circumstances by embracing the divine presence within.

 TD Brewer has now moved to fulfill a new calling, embracing the role of the Guilt-Free Wealth Coach as he continues to motivate people all over the world to get excited about a new day as they welcome abundant blessings and overwhelming joy back into their lives.

 If you want to create a guilt-free prosperous life for yourself, where limitless thinking and exponential growth are part of your daily life, join TD Brewer as he uses The Word to guide you towards inspired changes so that you too can enjoy all of the riches that this world has to offer. The perfect place to start is by applying your mind to one of his acclaimed books which are priced so that, no matter where you find yourself financially, you too can unlock the essential steps towards elevating your life. And if you’re interested in the power of the spoken word, you can book TD Brewer to talk at your next event, giving the gift of transformation to your colleagues, friends or loved-ones.

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