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TD Brewer

Living In The Spirit

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You Are Not Alone In This World!

Wake up to the realization that you are a precious part of a miraculous SUPERNATURAL WORLD, far beyond the daily trivia that hold you back from gaining peace, tuning into your powerful self and fulfilling your potential to the maximum!

The thought-provoking questions sprinkled throughout each chapter of this engaging book will consolidate a loving Father’s presence in your life, unraveling the LOVE He has for you, putting your life into the brightest new perspective!

A comprehensive guide towards inner strength and peace, Living In The Spirit is an easy-to-follow book that will help you restore inner power, walk your path in confidence that His loving hand is guiding your choices, and lead you to the happy life you deserve!

You will learn:

The heart and love of God

The will of God in prayer

How to pray with confidence

That God is your partner in prayer

How to create an atmosphere for answered prayer and miracles