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Did you know that you are the heir of Royalty? As the child of God and seed of our forefather, Abraham, you automatically qualify for a richly blessed life. But what is the blessing? How do we recognize it and what does it really mean to be highly favored?

The Blessing Exposed examines the marvelous story of Abraham, a man who began his journey feeling unfulfilled and lacking in purpose. The book reveals how he eventually encountered God, found his life’s purpose and was ultimately blessed as the father of nations.

 Using this story as a springboard to discussions around success and opportunity, this gem is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you live.

It’s time to finally take your life to new heights, soar in the promises of God and enjoy the blessings you were born to receive.


As the Guilt-Free Wealth Strategist, TD Brewer is known globally for his commitment to maximizing human potential. An innovative thought leader and change agent, he believes that, at its core, wealth is about being able to harness your own powerful ability to take your future into your hands and make tangible changes for successful, balanced living.


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