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Imagine if we had the perfect outline to living an abundant, blessed life. The truth is, we do. But it requires a disciplined commitment to The Word in order to master.

The saying that your life is a blank canvas couldn’t be closer to the truth. The Art of joyful living depends on how you, as the artist, choose to fill your canvas.

This arresting 21-day devotional holds powerful insights into how you can take hold of your life and learn to paint a beautiful future into existence.

 The Art of Mastering the Blessed Life is an essential read for anyone needing inspirational guidance on how to receive life’s richest blessings.


As the Guilt-Free Wealth Strategist, TD Brewer is known globally for his commitment to maximizing human potential. An innovative thought leader and change agent, he believes that, at its core, wealth is about being able to harness your own powerful ability to take your future into your hands and make tangible changes for successful, balanced living.


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